Asher Fishman

Originally from New York, Asher started out an analyst in a real-estate finance company and doing sales for Sandler Sales Training, but was always fascinated by technology and innovation. In 2017 he started to understand the true opportunities blockchain technology can bring to so many businesses. Since then has worked with companies all over the world on marketing projects and most recently for the Barclays Accelerator powered by Techstars, in Tel Aviv, where he worked one-on-one and advised 10 Fintech startups on marketing and content. Through his passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, he also founded “Start” IDC’s first incubator in the IDC Entrepreneurship Club, the largest student entrepreneur ecosystem in Israel (belonging to the Interdisciplinary Center, a top private university in Israel), where he led a team of 5 which helped bring 7 team’s startup ideas to life and validation.

Elie Terdjman

Elie found his passion for technology at a very young age and since then he immersed himself in the world of tech, and even added a 3D Animation degree to his skill set. In 2011 he discovered Bitcoin by accident, through GPU mining during his 3D animation degree. He would only realize the true value of a P2P blockchain network, when trying to send money to a friend abroad and saw how many fees he avoided. He was astounded at the possibilities that could come from it and soon after became a GPU miner. With the years that would come he would immerse himself more and more into the world of Blockchain and thanks to his analytical skills and technical abilities, continued on to be I.T consultant and advisor for institutions, law firms, and businesses ranging from startups to corporations.

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